I see London

It's true. I saw a quick version of London today. And I love it. So many things remind me of New York. I know I could live here easily. We got in just before noon and went to check into our hotel to freshen up after our flight on Virgin Atlantic. Virgin is a good one. I was impressed.

First thing we did was hop on the double decker bus. Cheesy, but really the best way to get a quick overview of the city. It hasn't been too humid and actually a little cold. We did have to get off the bus in the shopping district so I could go buy a jacket. Just my luck there was an Anthropologie right in front of the bus stop. Darn:) I'm glad I got it especially when it started to rain. A lot of rain.

Anyway, all my pics are from the top of the bus. And none of them have me in it. Sorry mom.

After our bus tour, we made our way back towards Victoria Station (our main hub) because we went to Wicked which was so conveniently located right around the corner. I have never seen this show (sad, I know) and I absolutely loved it! The story, the music, the staging and costumes! Amazing! I know I sound like a broken record because that is what everyone thinks of it, but it is so true! The story is so clever and SO funny and so sweet! I was in tears during the number "For Good" (you can listen to it here. maybe) Really an incredible show! I had tried reading the book and hated the book, but really, the two are different.

Today was really great! I love it here! My feet are blistered. I am tired, jet-lagged and sore, but I will worry about those things when I get home and back to reality:)

Tomorrow, we get up early and head down to Madrid! Amazing, right!?!

I miss you guys! Give Maggie a kiss:)


shayna said...

That was a whirlwind of London. I wish I was with you...keep up the pictures please.

communikate. said...

Ah. I loved LONDON! We saw Wicked there and it was the best of the three times I've seen it!

Enjoy my dear!

Rachel said...

Amazing Carly! SooOOOO Jealous! Can't wait to see more from your trip!

Alana said...

Seriously, this all sounds like so much fun! This is just what the doctor ordered... a little travel and adventure. Can't wait to keep hearing all about it!

Melissa Hirschi said...

I'm so jealous! I would love to see London. Can't believe it could still be cold in July. Wicked is such a great play but I'm with you. I hated the book.