Today in France

Today was the day I caught up on my sleep. I wasn't feeling well and I think it has been all the planes, trains and car rides through the French mountains, along with jet lag, along with constantly being on the go with 5 hours (or less) sleep each night. I didn't wake up until quite late and then took a nap this afternoon. It was much needed.

Tonight we did travel about an hour to the town of Rodez to go cheer on Team Japan in the FIBA tournament. Random, I know. The family I am with here in France has a daughter who plays on the team. In fact, she is the captain of the team. I don't even really like basketball, but this was the funnest game I have ever been to! Japan won by like 20 points. I think my favorite part were the cheerleaders/dancers. They were such a hot mess. It was very entertaining, yet so painful to watch!

So, once again, no pictures. Sorry. But I will tomorrow. We are going to visit some cheese caves...?


Babe said...

I agree with Kate, and Alana!!! Hope you are having the time of your life! Luv U!!!

Alana said...

cheese caves?! wtf?! sounds like my kind of place. a place to bunker down with some pms cravings. i must see pictures of it.

still loving hearing about the trip. good job on resting up... if you're not rested, it takes a lot of fun out of everything.

Robyn said...

I am bitterly jealous right now. enjoy the chevre....there is nothing better than french chevre. sounds like a wonderful trip!

communikate. said...

i feel like this:



{Annie N.} said...

Yeah for you Carly! I bet a trip to out of the country was just what the doctor ordered. :) Loving the post so is Judy. Have barrels of fun.

Megan Gubler said...

Where have I been. I just found your blog and it made me miss you lots! My sister said you helped her with her quilt a couple months ago. Have fun on your trip. I will be checking your blog lots now.