Love You!!

I just found this picture of me, my mom and my 3 sisters. It was taken at my cousin's wedding luncheon in October. I love my mom and sisters like crazy and I am so glad that we all live in the same town so we can hang out more!

My mom just started a blog, too! Check it out here! My mom is hilarious! There are so many inside jokes on her blog! Love it!


Shanel said...

Look how old Katie is. You guys are so beautiful!

Cassidy Legg said...

holy crap... i feel old as dirt. I cant believe how old your little sisters are. You are all so freakin beautiful..... I love your mom too

Potter Family said...

Carly, you know you're my favorite daughter, right?
Love, Mom
ps Don't tell you sisters!

The Malie's said...

You girls are so dang beautiful! I don't even recognize Katie. Crazy! I still picture her 4 years old (or however old she was) with short blond hair running around your old house. Memories!

Oh, and I love the comment your mom made! My dad always tells me AND my sister that we're his favorite! I know that I really am, though . . . :)