Reasons Why I Miss New York #2

While Pat and I lived in Manhattan, I had the opportunity to do some work for Chan Luu. She is a designer based out of LA, but has a showroom in New York (Penthouse showroom in Times Square, I might add). I met the Chan gang when they came in and ate at the sushi restaurant I was working in. Terry asked if I would come do a show with them and I said YES! and it was love at first sight. However, because I don't have the body of a twelve-year-old boy, I worked mostly with the jewelery and accessories and not the clothes.

I have the wrap bracelet in a couple of different colors and get compliments on it all the time! That is probably Chan's most well-known piece. But, Terry or Bree or Jillian, if you are reading this, send me these earrings!!! Miss you guys!


Lindsey said...

You are funny Carly. I thought I was the ONE person who waatched, and liked that movie! Top 5!! What about in Holiday when Jack black always sings unwords to his melodys!!! doodbly-bloop-scoop-n-boop-blah-dee-dee....you get the picture...

I'll so miss yoga tonight sitting about at my RS meeting with all the oldies (but goodies) in my ward=UGH!!!!
Id so rather be burning some calories! since I hit up wendy's this week...oops.

Lindsey said...

eww, and those earings are to die for!

ew, and can you please take that damn word verification OFF!!!

patrick & carly said...

ew, yah, I can take the damn word verification off. (Do I know how to?) Jack Black is so cute in The Holiday. Love that movie. I love it when they are in the video store and he is singing the soundtrack to every movie he picks up.... I need to watch that one again!

And yah...didn't make it to yoga last night. I'm terrible. Am I ever going to loose this weight?

ashlynn said...


Don't the verification thing off - it protects you from getting robot comments.