Puppy Love

This is my doggy Maggie. She is the sweetest little thing you will every meet! She is a 6 lb. chihuahua with incredible personality! Pat and I just adore her! (Yes, she has a sweater on...she always wears clothes! It is so much fun to shop for her!)


Lindsey said...

Okay, first of all...I am (and have always been) obsessed with SNOOP DOGG!!! I can barely even go there. I was practically crying on the front row of his concert, while inhaling some dirty smoke.... I drove past his house like FiDDDDy times in CA last summer and almost tried to go to the obvious party going on there.
Me and Shaun watch his show every sun. I LOVE him and how funny he is! Haha. We laugh out loud. Hilarious. Okay, pathetic rant on SNoop dog. Sorry.

I am loving the purses, hopefully you get one!

Lindsey said...

I love your blog too btw, SOOOOOoo glad you joined. This is long, but. I can't go to Yoga like ever cuz I got aNOTHER ugh, calling and I have meetings every TUes. Night at seven. BUMMED OUT!

Lindsey said...

Ooopps, just thought I might as well tripple threat yoass. :) You love how long winded I am.

Anonymous said...

yeah Carly its kailee wright, I found you from brynn
so glad that you joined the club. your dog is so cute. where are you guys living in SG?

patrick & carly said...

Linds, what more can I say...You are my fav!! And, don't ever go to a Snoop concert again without me! fo' shizzle!