Top 5

You know how on the movie High Fidelity they rate everything in a "top 5?" I like that. So, here is my top 5 things that really bug (in no particular order)...

1. Yellow cars. Especially if it is a Hummer. If you drive a yellow car, you are a jackass.
2. Blue Tooth. NO ONE needs to multi-task like that. It looks like you have a roach on your ear.
3. Eating while driving. Just take 3 minutes and pull-over to somewhat enjoy your fuel. Besides, then you can find a garbage can so the smell of take-out doesn't linger too long.
4. Microwaves. That is just not right. Think about it. How in the world does it cook everything so fast? Gross. I rarely use my microwave. Maybe to melt butter for baking, but I don't even like to use it to warm up food. And I hate popcorn, so really, I can do without one.
5. This one really bugs because I find it very disrespectful... When adults (not children or babies) but when adults talk during the sacrament at church. It is really disruptive when adults, who know better, are sitting behind, in front or to the side of me just chatting or laughing away. It really makes it hard for me to concentrate during the most important 10 minutes of my week.

It's Monday and I woke up late. So there.


Emily said...

You Go GIRL!!! I will make a mental note when I am with you. I think I only Failed at microwaves and car eating, I guess I can blame it on kids. Good List!

ashlynn said...

Funny ... sorry I use the mw at work! ha-ha. I am a re-heater for sure, but how else do you eat leftovers? I am on a budget lady! :)

You should add hardware for cabinets to your list.

Hi-D said...

I laughed so hard reading these. I didn't know you had it in you. I totally agree with every single one. At first I didn't read your intro and thought you liked yellow cars, and I though, "Carly knows better" but then I actually read the intro and it really made me laugh. I'm so happy to have stumbled on your blog through Steph. Hope you don't mind.

{jen} said...

You crack me up, the bluetooth thing is one of my all time pet peev's! I love that this bugs you too!

The Malie's said...

I love it!!! Especially #1, I was totally laughing when I read it. I'll admit I use my bluetooth, but not in public, only when I'm walking around cleaning my house or something. I hate it when people are using it in public and you're like, "huh? are you talking to me?"