Say Cheese!

I counted last night and I have 8 different varieties of cheese in my fridge. Nine if you want to count the one I bought yesterday! Mark, the cheese guy at Harmon's, and I are on a first-name basis!

I'm mad that Pat and I never took a cheese tasting class in NY like we had always talked about. And we never took Salsa dancing lessons either. That would be so FUN!


Lindsey said...

Haha! That makes me laugh, I don't know why. It just does.

all this new york talk is making me CrAzzzY. I wanna visit already! I am SO missing out.

Oh, and I too Hate yellow cars, any! Especially sports cars!

Clint and Brielle said...

Carly you are so stinkin cute. I bet you miss New York a ton.

becky said...

I have a friend that teaches salsa dancing classes here in St. G. I have only been once, but it was pretty fun! Probably nothing compared to NY, but he was pretty good!