Wanted: A Desk

I need a desk. Not anything too fantastic, just something to help me stay organized and that my computer will fit on. I don't want to pay out my nose for it either. If you know of anyone that is selling a good one, I don't want any of that particle board and veneer crap, let me know... carlykillpack@gmail.com


Lindsey said...

Why don't you look at that place on blvd and Main....What is it called??? Urban sumfin' ?? They have great stuff sometimes.

patrick & carly said...

I went there last Saturday and nothing! But, you are right, they do have good stuff sometimes.

Linds, you coming to yoga tonight?

Lindsey said...

no....obviously, now that it's wed. night.... I sadly, will not be there tomorrow either cuz we have a fam party.