Big News!

My family got some really exciting news this weekend! My sister, Malory, and her fiance, Jake, set a wedding date! They are getting married June 28th in Hawaii!!!!! It's a dream come true! (for me!) Jake is from Hawaii... Laie to be exact. His family still lives there. I am so excited for Mal and Jake. And I am even more excited that I get to go to Hawaii again! It has been too long and Pat has never been! It'll be fun to go as a family and to experience Hawaii with a bunch of locals! They will know all the un-touristy things and secret places!

If you need an excuse to visit Hawaii, come then. They will be getting married on the beach and everything! It's going to be beautiful!


ashlynn said...


Babe said...

Yeah I'm so excited for them!! I am also very jealous......I want to go back soooo bad!! How do you think Tyler will handle the flight????? :)

Potter Family said...

Okay, so those of you who know Carly well should know how she took this news. Malory is really laid back (therefore, the polynesian thing is GREAT for her). But not 2 minutes after Carly was told, she had a notebook in her hand and was drilling Jake and Mal on colors, and flowers, and announcements,etc.!!! Jake looked like a deer in the headlights.
You know Carly, Pat may be right...you need to be a Wedding Planner!

A question though....Does this mean I have to find a new swimsuit? Argggg!
Love ya,

Alesha said...

ALOHA!!! I'm so exited for all of you to go to THE ISLAND OF HAWAII!!! Super Fun!