Reasons Why I Miss New York #3

If you know me, you know I have larger-than-average size boobies. Not my favorite thing. I have always struggled with finding the appropriate bra. I could never get the support and comfort that I needed. The cup size and the around-size were never compatible. While living in NY, I met a girl who had the same problem. Bless her heart, she introduced me to a fabulous store... Intimacy, The Bra Fit Specialists. You've seen them on Oprah and on TLC's What Not To Wear. I kid you not, I cried real tears the first time I went in for a fitting because of how relieved I was to actually find a bra in my size. They sell swim suits, too. You can NOT go to New York without going to this store. I forbid you to miss it. (Unless you are a boy.)


Emily said...

If I wanted a custom fit bra I would have to go to that store and be measured throughout the day, considering the nusring thing. Maybe when I am done with Luke, cuz we really want to go to Boston and New York this Fall. But oh how I would love to be planning for Hawaii. I am jealous.

hilla said...

Oh Carly! It's enough that you have your beautiful face posted on this site, but to now add that you have huge jumblees...you will have cyber pervs everywhere- well, i'll just stop there! Private blogg anyone? hahaha