Happy Presidents' Day!

Next time I go to Washington DC, I want to go in the Spring when the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom! How gorgeous! That would be way better than hot and humid July like the times I have been before. (Where are my pictures from those trips? How did anyone manage before digital cameras?) I love DC. It is so cool to see the important museums and buildings and documents that have really shaped our Country. It's the kind of city that makes you want to be smarter!


ashlynn said...

I love DC as well ~ I need to take Coby there. I saw the cherry blossoms in Japan ~ very pretty.

Becky, yep said...

Same! Such an amazing sense of history! Did you make it to Philly too?

patrick & carly said...

We almost went to Philly once for a little road trip while we lived in NY, but I think we ended up at Hershey, PA instead. That was cool, too, but for totally different reasons. And we got to see the Amish.