Owls & Pears

Doesn't it seem like as soon as you realize you like something you see it everywhere. I have been drawn towards anything with owls and pears. Just watch. Now that you know that, you'll see it everywhere, too. Even this post from Design Mom dedicated to owls. HOO-HOO would have thunk? I just got an owl necklace (sorry no pic) but I would love to hang it on this owl standAnd then, I saw this painting in CB2 that I totally want to recreate! I love it! I have a cousin that had twins about a year and a half ago, and I made her this embroidery as a gift. I want to have twins just so I can decorate with pears!! "Perfect Pair"....get it!?!


Graham and Kate said...

I too loved that pic of the pear on the CB2 website! I love that color green.. it's fabulous... I want twins now too.. How cute is that??

Ray & Jen said...

So very cute. I can attest that my "pear" of girls are WONDERFUL!