Eye Make-up

I will be retiring my trusty eyelash curler this week. We have been together, everyday, for the last probably 6 years or so. I can't even remember how long I have had it. It's just time to move on to different things. And the cushion part needs to be changed before it slices my eyelashes off. It's nothing special.... just a Maybelline curler from Target. That's totally what I am going to go buy again.

I did find a good and cheap eyelash curler from Shu Uemura that I would like to buy, along with some of his famous falsies. But more than that, I want these brushes! A make up artists I know in NY told me these are the best of the best for make-up brushes. The set is only $469. What.


Cassidy Legg said...

they are kevyn aquion huh or how ever you spell it. I have used them before and they are amazing! to bad they are so expensive

Rachel said...

hey you stink! let me know your email so I can invite you to my Bloggity blog!

Rhett and Nichole said...

That sounds reasonable for brushes, what are you waiting for?