The Brother

Nick trying to show Bon how to buy a subway card...
YUM! Our favortie Indian resturaunt! (that's my mom with him, not me, just in case you were wondering.)
What a cutie!

The brother is coming into town today. My mom and I are going down to Vegas tonight to pick him up! Can't wait to see the guy! I love him! We have an eventful weekend planned that includes alot of sun, friends and food!


ashlynn said...

We are coming to your parents Sunday evening ... your dad said your mom would let me know what to bring. Will you remind her or will you tell me what to bring?? Thanks!

patrick & carly said...

She will probably want you to bring yourselves and Lucy:)

The Malie's said...

Tell him hi for me! I haven't seen him for sooooo long!

Carlyle said...

Hey everyone! Come say hi to Nick Sunday night. We are having his belated birthday party (Mar 30) along with Nick's first nephew's one month party. There will be lots of fun food, so come. Get caught up!


P.S. If you don't know our address, it is 784 S. 900 E.