Mother's Day

Ray, Jen, Pat and I were having a discussion the other day about Mother's Day. I think that even though I am not technically a mother - yet - Pat should still get me a Mother's Day gift. I will be the mother of his children when they come, so shouldn't he celebrate that? I always get him a Father's Day gift for the sentimental reason. Besides, I practically wipe his ass, so doesn't that count? Anyway, he can buy me any one of these as a gift....

I Love You notebooks. So pretty.

Square Ribbon Vase.

Salt & Pepper No. 5

Sky Umbrella. Even though I live in the desert.

Reveal Watch. How cool is this! The minutes and hours fade in and out as time passes. I think I want this the most!! And it is only $85!

This stuff found me from MoMa.


Daniel Will-Harris said...

I'm so glad you like my Reveal watch design! You can see more of my watches here: http://www.projectswatches.com/html/will-harris-collection.html and my own web site and other design, writing and acting work, here: http://www.will-harris.com

Mindi said...

YES, he should get you something--you are being straight out with him instead of saying nothing and then being all bent out of shape at him when he doesnt deliver. good girl, you are training him early!