Happy Earth Day!!

Yeah for Earth Day! May we all remember to do our little part in keeping the Earth clean:)

I found some ideas here on how to be more earth friendly have also adopted them into my lifestyle.

Reusable water bottles. Check.

Reusable grocery bags. Check. I love my Whole Foods canvas bag. It is really big and has options of how to carry it. The Whole Foods website explains... "More than one billion single-use plastic bags are handed to consumers each day and it takes a 15-year-old tree to produce just 700 grocery bags. Paper or plastic is no longer the question. Reusing shopping bags significantly reduces both emissions and waste." And, most stores will give you back a nickel for every bag you reuse.

Unsubscribe to junk mail. This is a never ending task that I have been trying to get on top of at work and at home. Thanks to Little Lined Notebook, I found these sites helpful...

Register for free with http://www.catalogchoice.org/

Call and ask to be removed from credit card companies central mailing lists 1-888-5-OPTOUT.

Done and done.

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Robyn said...

hey thanks for this post!! i have been trying to figure out who to call to get rid of my junk mail!!! also, i hate water bottles....i think for as much money as we are wasting on filtered water and the fact that landfills are just piles of plastic bottles...they ought to be illegal!!!