I'm Thankful

For my aloe vera plant. The past 5 (yes, five!) weekends in a row I have burnt my hand in one way or another (the oven, the iron, the oven, grease, a hot cast iron pot, steam from the iron...). Pat thinks I am ridiculously clumsy and I have to admit, I kind of am. I am thankful for my aloe vera plant in that I can cut a little piece off and slop the ooze on the burn and have an instant cooling sensation. He's such a hardy little guy...I'll forget to water him and then like 3 months will go by before I remember and he's still kicking.

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Mindi said...

we just go the w.t. way by having a big ole bottle from albertson's in the fridge. i bet i would heal faster if i went your way...i like you despite the fact that you are eco-friendly! ;)