My Late Night Lovers...

Am I the last person to hear that Jimmy Fallon, who I love, will be replacing Conan O'Brien, who I also happen to love, next year when Conan takes over for Jay Leno (thank goodness... don't love him...)? I hope this deal really goes through! I think Jimmy Fallon is the kind of guy you either love him or you hate him. And I love him, especially in this movie. Mostly, because I am in love with Boston and the Red Sox and Fenway Park. This is one movie that Pat will put on when he can't sleep (he has undiagnosed insomnia. Except that I diagnosed him because he keeps me awake sometimes and I am not a happy camper when I am tired). It makes me really wish that I lived in Boston!


k8bess said...

I seriously love Jimmy.. What a babe! I really hope that it's true. I would def. stay up to see him every night.

As for Fever Pitch, we love it. We went to Boston shortly after seeing the movie due to the fact that it looked like such a fun city to visit. I want to go back.. Why didn't you guys end up there after NY?

Mindi said...

i have always had a little nerdy crush on fallon--in fact, my awesomely awesome video next week just happens to be "idiot boyfriend"....i swear we share the same brain!

okay, on the hawaii thing--i think we should get together and do a little lunch at 25 main??
will email you