What You Don't Know...

1. I am not related to this guy, even though we share the same last name... (Potter is my maiden name).

2. I am terrified of losing my teeth. I don't want to get old and have to get dentures. I love my teeth... I didn't get 'Best Smile' Class of 2000 for nothin!

3. I love mustard! On burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, to dip my fries in... You know it's bad when you can't figure out why your fingers are yellow 3 hours after lunch!

4. Fingernail polish is one of my most favorite things to buy. I have to sneak them now because Pat gets mad! My nails are almost always painted, except for right now as I type this my fingernails are bare but, I just bought 4 new colors to choose from for my trip next week and I will be painting them this weekend! And oddly enough, I have only ever paid for 1 pedicure in my life!

5. I hate tomatoes! But, I love-love salsa and marinara. I even like bruschetta, but tomatoes in a salad or on a sandwich make me so mad!!

6. I don't get grossed out by blood, throw-up or any other bodily waste, but I think it is dry-heave worthy when people have bad oral hygiene. Like when you can see the fuzz growing on their teeth or if you can tell they have no idea what floss is.

7. I love it when people say things like "nevertheless" and "moreover", "therefore" or "hence". What is the name of these kind of words... I can't remember.
8. I love the smell of coffee and cigarettes, together. (And coffee by itself, but not cigarettes by themselves) Before you get grossed out, hear me out. When I was little, my dad traveled alot for business. I associate those two smells with going to pick him up at the airport in Vegas and how happy I was when he came home from a long trip.
9. I still check the wrapper on a Tootsie Pop for a star and feel like I won when there is one. The brown ones are the best!
10. One of my goals is to have a farm and grow everything that gets put on the table. Meat, eggs, produce and all.


Crystal said...

Okay Car...I totally felt guilted into leaving you a comment from your tracksy post awhile back but I am glad you did. I love your blog and I check it regularly (I guess you knew that). Anyway, I too love the smell of coffee. I can't leave the grocery store without walking down the aisle just for the smell. I hope life is treating you good!

Mindi said...

now i heart you even more--i used to love the smell of gasoline and still love the smell of coffee and (every once in a while) cigarettes.
moreover, i also hate it when people have sweaters on their teeth.

Tiburon said...

My brother has plaque on his teeth that you could ski through. You wouldn't like him.

Love your list :)

Emily said...

good post. I feel the same about tomatoes.

Cameron & Alicia Manning said...

I so have to agree with number 10 and number 8. My father having his business in Las Vegas it was always fun to come down and spend the day with him or in Vegas knowing we were in the same town as a child, (now living here it's another story, I can't stand them!)
For number 10 it is our dream, we have a lot picked out in New Harmony, 10 lush acres for all our animals. Now we just need to save up again!