Kiss That Frog

Dessert Plate
I just found a cute new website kissthatfrog. I love these bistro dishes!

Milk bottle large
Soap Jug large
Wine Decanter Bottle
And I love these vintage-y bottles.


Mostly K8 with a little G said...

These are wonderful! Great find!

p.s. the take out order was PERFECT yesterday, which in our case is extremely rare. We'll def. be using you guys again and again when the Reps bring us lunch! Thanks ;)

.caroline armelle. said...

oh man. i had no idea you worked at 25 main.
it is just about the most darling place on the planet.
i almost didn't want to go there because i knew i'd be bummed that i could go more often...
you may have to sneak me the strawberry frosting recipe... :)