Oops... I Did It Again

I dropped my cell phone in a cup of water yesterday and now it doesn't work. So, again, I am without a cell phone. I think this will be my 5th phone in less than 2 years. Pat is so happy to be buying me a new one on Monday.

Do me a favor... email me with your phone number at carlykillpack@gmail.com. Or, if you are comfortable leaving me a comment with that info, I'll take it!

Much obliged.


Mostly K8 with a little G said...

Oh my gosh.. That is SO Graham. Not kidding he's on his 8th phone since we've been married.. He's jumped in a pool, dropped one in the gutter, smashed the screens on the three separate occasions.. You name he's done it.. It's so FRUSTRATING, so I feel for Pat on this one! :)

p.s.. I don't believe that I was in your phone before, but just to feel like a cool kid it's 555-555-5555.. j/k
add me if you'd like it's really 435-619-3941 ( no pervert please! )

Rhett and Nichole said...

Maybe you aren't meant to have a cell phone, haha!

Babe said...

Um you better have my number memorized?!?!?!? If not, I guess we won't be talking anymore! :)

Potter Family said...

Carly honestly!!!! When I got my cell phone last month the salesman said the #1 reason for replacing cell phones is when girls keep them in their back jeans pocket and accidentally drop them in "a cup of water" while in the bathroom!!