Ode to Alana

I Love Bingo T-Shirt

My good friend (but I secretly - or not so secretly- wish we were gooder friends) Alana brought back some wonderful memories that I just had to share.

For those of you who do not know Alana, you are missing out on the gloriousness of her personality! This girl is hilarious! And I think we have a crush on each other? No? Maybe. Anyway, we worked together at The Pasta Factory longer than anyone should. As we were going crazy over those few years, we would get creative and make up names for the regular diners. One day, someone had the brilliant idea that we should play Bingo with the names of all the regulars. So, we made a Bingo sheet with the names of all the regulars placed at random and if you waited on them you got to put your name over the square.

Alana just reminded me of some of the names... The Dali Lamas, the purple people eater, Honey Dawn and the porn star, the Jensens and more that I can't remember right now.

I don't remember who won, probably Jared Slem, but I remember we had so much fun playing!

How awesome is Alana?


K8 the Gr8 said...

Dude.. remember Bob. He'd come in everyday at 11:00 order the same thing ( his salad consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, and thousand island dressing) his bill was always the same, he'd eat and leave a dollar tip. Weird memory. Gotta love the regulars. :)

p.s.. I loved Alana's black list. It still cracks me up!

Alana said...

CRUSH? For me, it was more like true love. Thanks for the post, that was a shocker to see my name, I feel so proud... mad me laugh out loud again... I forgot about the purple people eater. I have to get a job soon (just a few nights a week) and I am somewhat looking forward to interacting with the strange sea of humanity that's out there. I think I still owe someone a candy bar for winning my bingo. Occasionally, I see Beaker or one of the pillowbiters around town and I get the laughs! Too dang funny! We always had fun, that's what made it bearable to serve up slop. There were many times when I would collapse to the floor in the kitchen from hilarious laughing attacks. Fo Rizzle, we need to hang out. I think Nicole still wants to do the cabin... but do you think she's cool enough to hang out with us? Maybe we could just use her for her cabin. Just kidding Nicole, if you read this. You know you are the bomb diggity DO DA!

Alana said...

What? I just read the first comment and I forgot about my black list. I think I blocked it from my mind. I was like fonzie on the Waterboy when he crosses people off his black list with lipstick! It was totally my hitlist. Thanks for reminding me. Remember how we heard that Bob wet his pants at a Dixie game or something? I could never wait on him without being creeped out after that. Oh Bobby, I hope life is treating you well. I think I'll go in at 11:00 on the dot... that's a guaranteed Bob sighting.

What did I think I was gonna do with that blacklist anyways? Little known but somewhat scary fact: I actually had my hit list hanging on my bedroom wall for a while, back in the day, in the throes of my insanity.

Shanel said...

Okay, how sad is it that I totally know who 90% of those people..especially Bob and Honey Dew as I would call her.

Shanel said...

Where did you get the pic of that shirt. I swear they just gave those away on my cruise!

Julie Flowers said...

Wow... for some reason complaining/making inside jokes of all those people just made me want to go back to work there...GO FIGURE!!! on a good note remember fighting over the $10 tipper Couple on table #51 or #52 (I think) For some reason the word "Pillowbiters" makes me have this laugh attack inside and outside. Oh, the good old days of the black list I think they should all consider themselves lucky that Alana didn't take that list to the next level... We all thought at moments that she would secretly follow them home and do something terrible..haha. I saw the MEATBALL boy/man walking downtown...(the one who would come with his mom)(do you know who I mean, he may have another nickname I can't remember) All these people are so creapy in their own way... but I guess if they weren't they wouldn't be on the list so thanks to all the frequent freaks of the PF... those were the days!