Farewell Yankee Stadium

Chances that we are going to make it to New York to go to the last Yankee game on Sunday are a little on the slim side. Never again will Pat and I go to a Yankee game at the 'old' stadium. I am sad that the Yankees will be moving to a new stadium. There is so much history in that place. Going to the games and sitting in the same seats that people have sat in for decades is a really neat experience.

I don't like this. Not one bit. And we're not even Yankee fans. (Although, I did see Derek Jeter once at the restaurant I worked at and have to admit... I was totally star-struck with him! And after we made eye contact, I totally stroked... his credit card!)


Jace Hirschi said...

Don't you remember how awful that stadium is? How every corner smells like pee? How ever corner smells like pee because there actually is pee in every corner?

I know you're a pretty nostalgic person, but the current 40% chance of hepatitis is nothing to be nostalgic about.

Alana said...

I wish I got to go once. When I visited Nicole and Quinn we went to a Mets game.

Hey, I don't know what blogging protocol is but, would you mind if we added you as a friend on the JNAC? I always come to your blog but through a roundabout way, either Nicole or Kelli. I'm getting lazy.

LiSa said...

CARLY!!!!!!! I couldn't agree with you more. I just went to NYC last weekend and it made me sad that the season was over and I would never again see a game in that amazing place that smelled like pee in every corner.

I'm so happy that I found you by the way! I think its about time we be friends!

doibutsuen ni ikimasho!