For Me?

Sorry, I know. Post-overload...kinda bored tonight... Anyway, I want this book for me. This book encapsulates 3 of favorite things..

1. New York City
2. It's a book. A hardcover book
3. It looks old

I would love to add this to my ever so small, but trying to grow children's library.


Graham and Kate said...

Oh, I've seen these.. So cute! They have on for This is London, and This is Paris ect.. Awesome!

Emily Blais said...

I love that you have your children's library started. I have been working on mine since the day I said "I do" I am obsessed with good books. I am with you... Hardcover is a MUST! I am headed to NYC in about 3 weeks, I will have to keep my eyes out for this book :)

Ashlee said...

yes you played ryan adams!! that makes me so happy! what song?

K and nice that nick has never told me that you guys are into music. I had no idea. I was so mad at him!

Lindsey said...

Cute book! And, just wanted to drop a note and tell you I LOVE your little posts on good finds and things you like. I totally bought shoes, nail polish and even the jewelry thing you posted on. Did I just claim how lame I am? I think so...
PS, how come we never hang out and go get dessert or something? WTF?

Lindsey said...

So IF (big fat if) you are interested I have a task that is in the sewing department...
I'd love you to look at this iron crown I have for above Stella's crib right? Well, it needs sheer tule (sp?) to hang down from it and I'm wondering if we (by we I mean you :) could make or rig something to work. It offered them when I bought the damn thing but they were an extra $160 or some crap.
Lame long comment I know. Will you give me a call if you are at all up to look at it and see what we could do?
619-lins (your jealous, I know)
Ps, I can give you the web site so you can see exactly what I'm talkin about if you want.
Oh, and I'll pay you the big bucks. Wink, wink!

Jace Hirschi said...

WARNING: Apparently you should expect late night text messages from Mrs CPK (why haven't I laughed about your initials until now??) concerning the basic economic structure of foreign countries. Or at least, it seems, I should expect that.

And yes, friend, it is the Euro. You know how I know that? Google told me in just about 2.5 seconds.

Nic said...

you look hot in that yankees pic! Of course- you're drop dead gorgeous so that's not hard.

Graham and Kate said...

Dear Carly:

As much as I love looking at this post, I'm kind of sick of it.. ha ha.. How about a new one?

Sincerely yours,