Made of Honor


So Pat and I watched this today (you know you are rad when you wake up at 11:00 and watch a movie while eating your cereal! Back off... today was my day off work!) anyways, it was cute and totally predictable, but still charming. Warning: If you haven't seen it and plan on seeing it stop reading now... I almost died with the wedding in the very end! Why didn't I think of that? A night wedding on a NYC balcony. Gorgeous! The twinkling lights in the background made the scene magical! I ssoo want to be invited to that wedding! It was just glamorous!


Graham and Kate said...

O.k. I just watched that last night, and was thinking the SAME thing about the wedding. I was trying to think how I could make those lights. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Mindi said...

i don't know how that wedding could have possibly been more beautiful than a cultural hall with the basketball hoop backdrop....:)

Alana said...

i totally skimmed over when you said to stop reading if you haven't seen it. i love that you guys watched a movie that early. that is something i would totally do! I love it. gather ye rosebuds while ye may... that's what i tell myself everyday.