Mario & Gwenyth

I just read about this new cookbook that is coming out October 21. Basically Mario Batali, Gwenyth Paltrow and two others, eat and drink their way through Spain. The book includes over 70 recipes of Mario's. I recently learned that Spain is considered the "new" culinary capital of the world, where the newest and freshest ideas, flavors and recipes are coming from. Ha! Move over France.

I will definately have to get this book!

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Nic said...

Hey there- I watched this on Oprah today (the one time I've watched Oprah this year). I was actually stunned- because when I lived in Spain the only food I could choke down was from Morocco. I'm no meat and potatoes girl either. Seriously, I'll take the churros con chocolate, but as far as I'm concerned, Spain can loose the recipes for everything else.