Marley & Me

So, I am rereading one of my most favorite books, Marley and Me. It is so darling and I highly reccomend if you are into dogs and heartwarming stories.

For Father's Day 2004, I bought Pat a puppy. Max. A Golden Retriever puppy to be exact. Don't get me wrong, puppies are cute, but Golden puppies are these big balls of fuzzy love! They have got to be the cutest puppies of all time! Anyway, a few years later when Pat and I decided to move to New York, we decided that Max would hate the city. He is a big dog and needs the space to run around and chase things and be free. Sadly, we left him with Pat's parents who already had a Golden Retriever, Copper. Driving away from Max was the hardest part of moving to NY and I bawled and bawled...often.

One day while wandering through a Barnes and Noble in NYC, I came across this book. Without even knowing anything about it, I bought it just because of the picture on the cover. The puppy on the front looked like my Max. I started crying right there in the book store because I missed my crazy dog so much.

I devoured this book. I read it in a few days. I laughed out loud more than once and I cried more than once. Not just tears in my eyes, but deep down, gut-wrenching crying that gives you the hiccups. The other night, Pat had already fallen asleep and I was just reading before I fell asleep. I was trying so hard to not laugh out loud so he wouldn't wake, but I was shaking so much from holding it in that he woke up anyway and made me stop reading. I guess I was shaking the whole bed!

Pat got so sick of me crying that a couple of weeks later he bought Maggie for me. And I just adore her! She is the sweetest dog!

You should read Marley & Me. You should go to John Grogan's blog and read what he has to say everyday. You should go see the movie when it comes out Christmas day. But, really, you should read the book!


Mindi said...

isn't this the movie with jennifer aniston and owen wilson? i heart owen, so i was planning on going. now i'll go only because my friend carly said so.

my girls would love maggie.

Alana said...

there is nothing better than something that gives you the belly laughs like that. that is funny how you were trying to hold it in. i hate that. it's like the "church laughs". that dog is dang cute!