The End

I don't think there is anything on the internet that I didn't look at today. Sadly, I have come to the end. Boring.

Where does your Internet start and end?

Help me. What did I miss? What did you find today?


Jace Hirschi said...

there is no such thing as the end. lemme list you some of my daily time wasters:

Tee Fury
Whiskey Militia
Contemporary Living Blog
Links to the best designed websites
Rolling Stone Mag Album Reviews

...to name a few. And with facebook, how could you ever get bored?

Alana said...

A while ago I clicked on your link on the sidebar to "dogblog". that is some funny stuff. do you know that guy? if you do, i am jealous and wish i did because he is hilarious. if you go to dogblog, then his regular blog, he has a link to twitter where he has posted funny postcards he makes. they are hilarioius... kept me entertained for quite a while the other day.

carly k. said...

Contemp living blog won't link...

Jace Hirschi said...