Hot Water is Here!!!

I will never take hot water for granted ever again! I am so grateful that we got a new water heater installed today! I took such a long shower that I pruned:) I had to stay home all day to wait for the plumber, which was kinda weird... I haven't spent that much time at home on a weekday in a long time. It was nice:) And, I watched HGTV all day and have decided that I must win 2009's Dream Home in Sonoma, California. Don't go there to enter the sweepstakes. I need more chances to win. But this home is exactly the kind of home I want to live in. Especially in Northern California. sigh.


Graham and Kate said...

To bad.. I went there, and I'm in LOVE! That kitchen it to die for. If I win it, I'll invite you up for a delish dinner in the fabulous backyard.. YES PLEASE! ;0

Mueller Ohana said...

We miss you guys here♥ Hope your enjoying your new place. We'll come visit you at work sometime. I called Patrick for a haircut.. it has been way tooo long.

Fashionably Kate said...

ummm.. do you still work at 25, because I NEVER see you there anymore. {o.k.. and I've cut back on my cupcake addiction, so that may be it also.} :)