I'm Alive (part deux)

To all 3 of you who actually look at this blog:

I am still kicking. I have had an incredibly eventful last 6 weeks or so. I'm not exactly sure how much of it I really want to talk about, but let's at least recap some of the events.

Nick visits! We had a blast being all together as a family. We had Cara Brooks take some really amazing family photos. She is so talented!!

We had a great Thanksgiving with lots of friends and family. I love it when my BIL Jake and all his brothers are at my mom's house! They make it so fun!

I moved. Love the new place. All except the water heater. By the time you are rinsing out the conditioner out of your hair, the water has started to become cool. Taking a bath in the ginormous tub is out of the question...there wouldn't be enough hot water to fill the thing. You can't do laundry/wash the dishes/shower all at the same time. A plumber came and looked at it once and "fixed" it, but not really. I think the whole thing needs to be replaced.

At least we are done living out of boxes. Almost everything is in it's place. I still have two huge piles to take care of. One is labeled "donate" the other "sell". I am thinking of taking my "sell" pile to Urban Renewal. Has anyone done that and had luck with it? Maybe I should just list it on craigslist...?

Last week I was the only member of my immediate family home. WTF!?! My parents went to NYC to visit my brother. When we picked them up from the airport on Saturday (at midnight) they had so many wonderful stories about their week there. My dad has never been to New York other than for business, so he had such a great time experiencing NY as a local. He says he is ready to move there:) My mom is not quite as ready:) New Year's Eve my parents went to a jazz club in the West Village called Smalls. He was able to stand-in and play bass with a bunch of other musicians. They were there until 4 AM!! I wish I could have been there! New Year's for us was super mellow. I'm pretty sure I turned the TV on at about 12:03 and saw all the celebrating. Then I went to sleep. My parents are so much cooler than I am!

Anyway, Jess and Ty were up in SLC visiting family. Kate was in Mexico with her friends and Mal, Jake and the baby are still in Hawaii. They come home soon, thank goodness! Mal says the baby blows kisses and can wave bye-bye!!! I can't wait to see the new tricks!

And other than having the flu this past weekend, you are all caught up.

It feels good to blog... I need to remember to do it more!


Alesha said...

Thanks for the recap, been wondering how ya all are doing. Glad the move yet well! Also, love the pictures!

Karly Staples said...

It was so fun to see the Killpack clan at dinner! I tried the Urban Renewal thing... I had 2 pairs of nice designer jeans. They wouldn't take them because the hems were slightly scuffed up. But if yours are still in NEW condition I am sure it would work.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! talk to sheree about urban. she always makes a killing there with all her clothes..

Graham and Kate said...

O.k.. FIRST.. it's about DAMN time.

Next. I TOTALLY feel ya on the plumbing thing. We live in a house that was built in the 40's and the plumbing SUCKS. We can't even have a dishwasher because that would totally SCREW things up even more.. I could go on for days about that issue..

Oh and I LOVE the family pics.. You're gorgeous.

As for Urban, I used to work there a few years back.. The commission they make is 50%, so you won't make a whole lot, but it's worth try??

sorry this all random and such.

I guess, I'm just glad to see your back. YAY! :)

ashlynn said...

I sell my stuff at Urban on a monthly basis & have had great luck. The good stuff I sell on eBay or my blog. I have sold ugly out lights from our old house so you never know what they will take.

hilla said...

Great pics! I love your dark hair.

Ray & Jen said...

cute pic of you and pat