David After Dentist



Fashionably Kate said...

Is this real life?? That's hilarious. Poor kid.

p.s.. I miss your regular posting. It made my work day better. Please come back F/T please! ;)

ashlynn said...

OH man that IS awesome! I needed a little morning laugh-cry thanks! Reminds me of picking up BOTH my parents after surgery - they were both nuts & I wish I had video'd it!

beck said...

I am crying laughing. Who is this boy? so funny!

Michael and Janae said...

What a great video! And I have to say your family photos are amazing!!!!

Sydnee said...

This is so hillarious! I love when He freaks out then almost falls asleep..
Hope you are doing well!

bethi said...

That was awesome!!! so so funny!! My kids wanted me to play it again...:)

Lindsey said...

I love how I have come back to watch this like 6 times! had to bring Shaun it to see it too.

Thanks sunshine!

Fashionably Kate said...

Dearest Carly-

It's been a month. You don't write. No love here.

So, I'm breaking up with you.

It's not me. It's you.

Sincerely Yours-


p.s.. are you alive?

Alicia & Cameron Manning said...

Okay I admit Cam and I have been laughing at this kid for weeks! After he had heard the audio on Glen Beck (yes we are fans) he came home and we watched it at least a dozen times.