Movies I Luff...

It's cold outside today. Pat is out of town. What did we do...? What this movie. And I still love it after seeing it more than I care to admit. I was midly obsessed with this movie/book after the first viewing. I probably watched it everyday for 11 days. Ouch.

I love a good chick flick. Here are a few of my favorites that I never get tired of...

The writing and acting in this film crack me up everytime! That scene where the whole family is sitting around the table for Christmas dinner is so perfect! "Harold is allergic to bees!"

I think this movie just so visually stunning! I love the scenery, staging and the lighting. And it makes my heart pitter-patter!

So cute! I love Katherine Heigl. I love James Marsden. I love New York.

I only have 2 words. Jude Law.

What are some of your favorites?


Alana said...

I totally remember when we both went through the notebook phase. still love it. for some freaky reason, i love watching The Bridges of Madison County over and over. (it's one of those that's always on tv)

Fashionably Kate said...

Love ALL of those. So with you on the Jude Law factor..mmmm.
Graham hates Pride and Prejudice so I always watch it when he's out of town, or when I'm sick in bed.

Other goodies on my list include:

You've got Mail
French Kiss
Walk in the Cloud {secret fan of Keanu Reeves.. Crap actor, but still a sucker..}

basically anything girly! :)

Glad to know there are others out there too!

Lindsey said...

I hope ALL women have been at least mildly obsessed with NOtebook. I know my husband will even admitting to loving that movie! Good post. Loved it. I'll have to see Pride and Prejudice.

Lindsey said...

PS, I need someone to come watch confessions of a shopaholic when it comes out... You up for that? I didn't get to see it.

beck said...

i am slightly obsessed with the notebook and pride and prejudice too!