Mr. Brown

In anticipation of the release of Angels & Demons on May 15th, I recently reread the book. It was better the second time! I am very stoked to see the film.

I learned yesterday that Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol will be out September 15th! You can preorder it on Barnes & Noble for 40% off like this girl wants to!

One of the Easters we lived in NY, we went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to celebrate the holiday with a friend and his parents at their home. While we were driving around seeing the area, my friend Will pointed out Dan Brown's house and talked about how his his family was friends with the Browns. In fact, the Monday after Easter Sunday, Will's dad and Dan Brown and a couple other men were flying down to one of the Carolinas for a golf tournament. I wouldn't be surprised if they were going on Dan Brown's private jet!

Portsmouth was beautiful and delightfully charming and cold! There was still snow on the ground the beginning of April. And being from the desert, snow in April was not cool. Their house was just down the street from the beach. It was the first time I have been to the Atlantic Ocean. It was so pretty but way too cold to play in the water:)

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