British Invasion

So, the BIL is coming home from his mission on Thursday!!! Can you believe it because I can not!! He has been serving in the Leeds, England mission. Patrick is so excited! He and his little bro and besties! It's borderline ridiculous how obnoxious they can be together.

Anyway, I almost fell off my chair when I saw this little fabric book on ex libris via diary of a quilter. A British words cloth book! Really, could there be anything more adorable!!?? This is very exciting! And, it can also be purchased on her etsy shop!

Dusty will most definately be getting one of these from me... eventually. (like when he has a kid)


Fashionably Kate said...

Oh my. That is a.dor.able. Seriously. I'm highly considering moving to England someday just so that my kid can have a sweet brit accent.

good find.

Ray & Jen said...

I think this is sooo cute too. Ray's mom would love it!