Beach Hair

I love the way my hair goes after spending the day at the beach. I try so vainly to recreate the look at home. I just found this new product that I am dying to try.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist from a Stockholm based product line. Kinda spendy but I would buy it once to try...

I've tried the Bumble & Bumble surf spray, but found that it takes at least half the bottle to achieve the look once. Not so great on the wallet.

But, lately my sister and I have been making our own. I originally found this recipe in Cosmo, but I like how Modern Girl Style explains it... Go and try it. You probably already have everything you need on hand! Instant beach-in-a-bottle!

And it especially makes me happy because Patrick is besties with the Creative Director of Frederic Fekkai Soho, Fabrice Gili's assistant Lindsay. And Fabrice is the creator of this recipe:)

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