Viva Las Vegas

Yesterday Patrick and I drove my sister Kate and a friend down to the airport for their trip to New York. Lucky girls. I was never able to go school clothes shopping in Manhattan when I was in high school!

Anyway, after we dropped them off and made sure they got through security ok (it was the first time either of them have flown without an adult. Good thing it was a direct flight and they are staying with my brother...) Patrick and I hit the Town Square Las Vegas mostly to check out the eleven spa that Ken Paves is a part of.

We were greeted by a very, very nice woman who offered to take us on a tour of the salon and spa. It was interesting to us that in a 20,000 square foot spa, we did not see a single client. hhhmmm.... While there were plenty of things about the salon that we liked (the hand treatment sink, the various wallpapers, the manicure bar) overall we disliked more. They used fake grass in the relaxation room and waiting room. Why? And I didn't care for the oversized white furniture and lack of color. The whole place just felt stiff...it was unsettling. Overall, not a fan.

Since neither of us had been to Lake Las Vegas, we decided to head out that way before going home. After a small detour (aka 'we got lost') we finally found it. That place is incredible!! It is absolutely gorgeous! It really is an oasis in the middle of the desert. I had no idea it was as big as it is. And there is a Ritz Carlton out there, too. Who knew. There wasn't much going on there...too hot. Although, Pat was salvating over the golf course! He kept commenting on how beautiful it was:) cute. There were some enormous and gorgeous homes there as well. I really want to stay there sometime!

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