Book-Cut Sculpture

I came across Su Blackwell's sculptures (via handmade charlotte and curled up with a book) and was in awe! I love what she does with the old books she finds in second hand stores. This interview tells how one scultpure can take her two months! Miss Blackwell finds inspiration for each model from the book title or a paragraph or picture inside. She only uses the pages she delicately cuts or removes from the book itself. The models look as if they 'grow' naturally from the spine and pages of the book.

Wow and wow. I am impressed.

Now, if I only had a couple grand hanging around....


Ashley said...

Holy cow. Maybe I would have the patience to make ONE of the sails on that little boat in the sculpture....I think that would be it. So cool.

Fashionably Kate said...

Wow. WOW! Seriously. Those are amazing. Ah to be so talented {and PATIENT} as her! ;)