Il Grande Prato

Today for Sunday dinner, my baby sister brought two new friends over for dinner. They are both exchange students spending a year in America. One was from Norway and one from Italy. Nicco, the student from Italy comes from a town in Tuscany and get this...! His parents own a beautiful B&B where he lives and grew up. Il Grande Prato is the name of their home. Go right now to their website and see all the gorgeous pictures.

This place has got to be too beautiful to be real! It would be like living in a dream. They have olive trees where they make a small quantity of olive oils and a small vineyard for wines. My, oh my!! I told Nicco to hook me up with some olive oil from their olives:)

I am determined to go! The rates are really decent...like $55 for the night and breakfast.


Fashionably Kate said...

Oh my. Seriously oh my..

I'm bummed that I didn't see this type of beauty when I was in Italy. My friend and I just went to the big cities, and didn't see the country side like we should have..

You should go.
Right after we {as in all of us!} charter that boat in Greece! :)

Michelle M. said...

I want to go there RIGHT NOW!!!