Spain Day 1

My new BFF Fabiola! She is a girl that Ashley Wilkey-Packer converted while on her mission here to Madrid. She is Peruvian and living in Madrid. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German. And just about the cutest, sweetest thing EVER! I have had so much fun with her!
Plaza Mayor. Very charming and traditional. And all the cafes were exceptionally expensive.
Palacio Real
Me and my roomie! She has been a blast! Here at the gates of the Palacio Real (some palace).
One of my favorite attractions! The gourmet grocery store! It was like Spain's version of a Dean & DeLuca! Everything was beautiful and unique!
I bought the best nectarine ever!
Just a very charming street near the hotel. I love the cobblestone streets!
Maybe a real Matador? I don't know. I'm pretty sure he just wears the costume hoping tourists will give him money for a picture. I didn't pay him hahah!
Puerta Del Sol. A famous plaza near our hotel.

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Alana said...

Could I just say.... JEALOUS!!! Looks like fabulous fun, girl!