Spain Part Duex

me, the tour guide, Ashley and Fabiola on a street in Segovia.
We went to a incredibly charming and beautiful city about an hour from Madrid called Segovia. It is here that the ruins of the aqueducts the Romans built in the 1st and/or 2nd century. No one knows for sure when they were built.
These aren't little either.
Simply amazing to see that kind of history.
Just a cute building in Segovia.
The streets were very tight and small. We had to step into doorways to let cars pass.
I want to live here. Right here. And swim in that pool.
The Castle in Segovia. One of the coolest structures I have ever been in. With fabulous views. But who am I kidding. Every which way you turn is a fabulous view.
It was breathtaking!
Street art in Madrid. I have seen a lot of really cool graffiti and street art here.
Plaza D Toros de Las Ventas. Translation: where the bull fighting takes place.
Me and the matador statue.
Me and Fabiola at the Prado museum in Madrid. Beautiful, classical paintings. Our guide took us through and pointed out important paintings from different artists with different styles and from different time periods. It was very edifying.

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communikate. said...

Car! You're beautiful, and you belong in Europe! Glad you're having a splendid time! Keep the pics coming!