Intimacy in San Diego

The Intimacy chain just opened a store in San Diego that is actually easy and possible to get to for all of us on the West coast. I was taken to the store in New York by another top-heavy friend of mine and my life was literally changed! Getting a professional bra fitting is something that every girl should get as frequently as possible! The bras are a little more expensive than what you would get at a department store or Victoria's Secret, but oh so worth it!

Oh, and did I mention that I am going to New York next week and will definately be going to Intimacy NYC? Neener-neener!


Fashionably Kate said...

umm... I'm really trying hard to not hate you right now! ;) So jealous of your NYC vacay.
As for that store, pretty sure I'll never need it seeing as my girls are mini. Good tip though.

Alana said...

helllp! i need a new bra so bad. and i'm sooo picky. have a fun trip to NY!

Nic said...

jealous! My nest NYC trip isn't until December 3rd, 2010!!! Blast that mortgage!!!